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Pollute or Protect                                Rain Route                                                 Eutrophication

CRWD has three interactive displays that show what pollutes our lakes and rivers, where stormwater in your neighborhood goes and what happens when lakes and rivers become impaired. Below is a summary of the messages of each table-top display.  If you’d like more information on the displays or are interested in borrowing them please contact Lindsay at 651-644-8888 or

Pollute or Protect: This display shows the common stormwater pollutants in urban areas which include nutrients, bacteria, sediment, salt, toxins and litter. The display shows personal behaviors that impact water and what the preferred practices are. Do you want to pollute or protect local lakes and the Mississippi? 

Rain Route: This display is a puzzle of Capitol Region Watershed District. Each puzzle piece is the general shape of the various neighborhoods that make up Saint Paul and CRWD. When you lift up the pieces the board shows what direction stormwater in your neighborhood stormdrains flows while on its way to the Mississippi River. The water in your streets and running off your yard is the water entering the Mississippi and local lakes. 

Eutrophication: This display shows the process of how lakes become eutrophic which is an imbalance in water quality because of excess nutrients. Many urban lakes are eutrophic because of the high about of fertilizer and natural nutrients like leaves and grass that enter the water. Eutrophic lakes often have algae blooms in the hot summer months because of all the nutrients.


Demonstration of urban runoff by West Michigan Environmental Action Council


Let’s Keep It Clean Video

Programming resources for teachers & community educators: 

WaterShed Partners’ Minnesota Water: Let’s Keep It Clean

Blue Thumb

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s SEEK (Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge)

Center for Global and Environmental Education, Hamline University

Green Guardian – Yard waste information

Northland Nonpoint Source Pollution Education for Municipal Officials (Northland NEMO)

Improved Winter Maintenance Video