Our Work

Watershed districts are local units of government that work to solve and prevent water-related problems. Because water doesn’t follow political boundaries, the boundaries of CRWDs follow those of a natural watershed. Working with local partners, CRWD strives to protect, manage and improve the District’s water resources by monitoring stormwater quality, issuing erosion control and permanent stormwater management permits to development sites, installing permanent stormwater best management practices (BMPs) that reduce stormwater runoff and remove pollutants, providing water quality improvement grants to residents, supporting citizens who engage in water quality protection practices, and more.

Click one of the links below for more information about CRWD’s work:

Monitoring and Mapping
Water Quality and Flow Monitoring

Water Resource Improvement Projects
Arlington-Pascal Stormwater Improvement Project
Trout Brook Storm Sewer Interceptor Repair Projects
Lake McCarrons Restoration Projects
Villa Park Improvement Project
Cleveland Randolph Groundwater Study
William Street Pond
Trillium Nature Sanctuary
Trout Brook Realignment
Highland Ravine Stabilization Project

Stewardship and Partner Grants
Abandoned Well-Sealing Grants

Watershed Management Plan
Subwatershed Management Plans

Technical Review and Assistance