Application Information and Materials

Updated CRWD Rules
updates effective January 1, 2018.

Permit applications are reviewed by District staff and presented to the Board of Managers at meetings typically held the first and third Wednesday of every month. Staff makes a recommendation to the Managers who approve or deny the application based on compliance with District Rules. Applicants must submit the permit application at least 21 days prior to a regularly scheduled Board meeting to be considered for inclusion on that meeting agenda.

Click here to view the dates of future Board Meetings and application submittal deadlines.

Applications will be reviewed for completeness and must include the following items.

Stormwater Design Narrative
Stormwater Modeling Calculations for the 2, 10, and 100-year storm events for existing and proposed conditions
Geotechnical Evaluation for Soil Infiltration Conditions
Electronic .pdf Copies of All Submittal Items
Maintenance Agreement Template

In addition, project proponents must pay a permit processing fee and if they trigger Rules C or F, a surety amount. The following tables are the permit processing fee and the surety amount schedules.

Permit Processing Fees

Rule Fee
Rule F Only – Erosion and Sediment Control $500
Rules C, D or E – Stormwater Management, Wetland Management and Floodplain $1,500
Rule G – Illicit Discharge and Connection $500

Surety Amounts

Rule Cash Surety Amount
Rule F – Erosion and Sediment Control $2,000/acre
Rule C – Stormwater Management $5,000/acre

Please carefully read the Permit Guidance Handbook for detailed permit requirements and application procedures. It also provides information for alternative compliance if the stormwater management criteria cannot be met onsite.

Download the Permit Application or view the entire Updated CRWD Rules document.

If you have questions regarding permit requirements, please contact Forrest Kelley, CRWD’s Permit Program Coordinator.