Water Resources in CRWD

The Capitol Region Watershed District is comprised of numerous important water resources that all eventually discharge to the Mississippi River. The four major lakes in the District are Como Lake, Crosby Lake and Loeb Lake, which are located in Saint Paul, and Lake McCarrons in Roseville. All four lakes serve important recreational needs for District residents and visitors including fishing, boating and swimming. Water quality in CRWD lakes is monitored by Ramsey County.

Groundwater underneath the land surface of the District provides non-drinking water for businesses and institutions in Ramsey County. Few natural wetlands in the District remain because of their removal and alteration from urbanization and development over the past century. Woodview Marsh located off Larpenteur Avenue in Roseville, Willow Reserve located off Maryland Avenue in Saint Paul and Villa Park wetland located northwest of Lake McCarrons in Roseville are the largest tracts of wetlands in the District.

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Mississippi River