2013 Clean Water Summit

2013 CLEAN WATER SUMMIT – Thursday, September 12, 2013
Green Infrastructure for Clean Water: The Essential Role of People!
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum


People taking action is an essential part of implementing a project or creating a policy that makes “Green Infrastructure for Clean Water” happen. However, producing a fact sheet, hosting a public meeting, or offering an incentive are often not effective at motivating people to support a clean water goal.


The 2013 Clean Water Summit will focus on the essential role of people in clean water, with featured presentations addressing personal motivation, the influence of social connections on our behavior, and the capacity of both individuals and communities to engage in green infrastructure planning, policies, and practices. Participants will learn effective tools and techniques that successfully lead to action in a variety of audiences, and leave with a clearer understanding of ways to engage people throughout the process of using green infrastructure to achieve clean water in our communities.


The Clean Water Summit will bring together a wide variety of individuals who want to engage people to take action and make clean water happen, including those involved in water resource management, community development and redevelopment, landscape and stormwater design, municipal operations, community organizing, and local decision-making.


Participants will include:

• stormwater managers

• city planners

• landscape architects, engineers, and designers

• municipal staff

• environmental and natural resource educators

• community development coordinators

• non-profit staff

• elected and appointed officials

• any concerned individual or group wanting to effect change.

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