Past CRWD Watershed Steward Awards

Previous Award Recipients

2015 Watershed Citizen Award
The winner of the 2015 Watershed Citizen Award is Val Cunningham: Val has been a standout advocate for water quality in the Como Neighborhood for years. She helps maintain the neighborhood rain gardens, assist with Como Lake cleanup and restoration projects, has worked with Como Golf Course management to reduce fertilizer and pesticide application and has shared her knowledge and interest in protecting natural resources through her writing and guiding field outings.
2015 Watershed Partner Award


The winner of the 2015 Watershed Partner is the City of Falcon Heights: Falcon Heights has collaborated with CRWD for several years to help improve local water resources through various projects. In conjunction with CRWD, the City constructed a pervious Parking lot and rain garden at Falcon Heights City Hall in 2009 and was a partner in the Arlington Pascal Stormwater Improvement projects which include eight neighborhood rain gardens. CRWD and Falcon Heights also partnered this past year to address chronic flooding at Curtiss Park as Part of the Curtiss Pond Improvement Project.
2015 Watershed Project Award
The winner of the 2015 Watershed Project is Saint Paul Parks and Recreation for the creation of Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary: Trout Brook was a historic stream that used to connect Lake McCarrons to the Mississippi River. As the area became developed and rail lines were formed, the historic stream was redirected to underground storm drain pipes. One of CRWD’s goals is to bring water back; to restore physical water resources within the urban watershed and to also bring water back to the consciousness of the community. Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary does just that.
2015 Young Watershed Steward Award
The winner of the 2015 Young Watershed Steward Award is Kamarah: Kamarah’s teachers at Laura Jeffery Academy have been a partner in GRG’s Field Learning for Teens Program which Kamarah has participated in for three years and in her third year, served as a Teacher’s assistant. The exposure she’s had to natural resources through this program has motivated her in school, she has gone through the Supervisor Training with GRG and she wants to start a community garden. Her family, teachers and partners at GRG and CRWD all appreciate her motivation and interest to protect our natural resources.
2015 Lifetime Stewardship Award
Environment Committee, District 10 Como Community Council: Capitol Region Watershed District was formed in 1998 by a citizen petition initiated by members of the Environment Committee of District 10 Como Community Council that was sent to the State Board of Water and Soil Resources. Through the years, the Environment Committee have played a very important role in protecting the water resources of the District by supporting our initiatives, providing feedback on work. They have initiated several water quality projects independently also such as rain barrel workshops, lake shore restoration planting and hosting various community education and lecture events.
Tom Petersen and Terry Noonan: Tom and Terry were the first staff of the District after it was founded in 1998. Together they managed the first projects of the District and handled all of the administrative duties of a new watershed district. At the time, Tom was a full time employee of at what was the Ramsey County Soil and Water Conservation District and Terry was at Ramsey County Public Works. Getting CRWD up and running was only a part of their workload. We are very grateful for their hard work and enthusiasm that was the foundation for our wonderful organization.
2014 Watershed Citizen Award
The winner of the 2014 Watershed Citizen Award was Tri-Area Block Club member, Linda Jungwirth (right). For over 20 years, Linda has worked to transform an abandoned brownfield site parallel to I35 into a community resource that is now Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary. She worked with her neighbors to encourage the City of Saint Paul to purchase the land, remediate it and transform it into a wildlife and recreation haven. The focal point of the sanctuary is a 3,200 foot restored stream channel where the historic Trout Brook once carved through this valley on its way to the Mississippi.

2014 Watershed Partner Award
The winner of the 2014 Watershed Partner Award was the City of Saint Paul Natural Resources Section staff. The Natural Resources staff and the City of Saint Paul have partnered with CRWD on numerous projects that help protect water quality. Their maintenance and shoreline restoration project around Como Lake helps protect the lake and in turn improves the experience of all park goers. They also help manage invasive species and coordinate native plantings in Saint Paul parks that improve our local natural and water resources by reducing erosion and runoff.

2014 Young Watershed Steward Award
The Urban Roots youth interns were the winner of the 2014 Young Watershed Steward Award. Every summer Urban Roots offers three intern programs for youth ages 14-18 from Saint Paul’s East Side neighborhood to participate in. The thirty interns and their leader David, spend 20+ hours a week improving and maintaining critical natural areas and stormwater features like rain gardens in CRWD. Their impact goes beyond the work they do in their internships. They learn how ecological systems function and how to protect and improve our water resources and they take these lessons home, to their community and to their schools.