Rain Barrel Workshop Grants

CRWD offers grants of up to $40 per person to organizations who distribute rain barrels to CRWD residents.  Organizations may use funds to host a rain barrel construction workshop in collaboration with a local vendor, or to subsidize the cost of readymade rain barrels to sell or distribute to citizens.  All rain barrel projects must include a component that teaches citizens how rain barrels help prevent water pollution.








How do I apply?
Complete an application to describe the method and cost of your rain barrel distribution.  If you plan a construction workshop, contact a vendor at least two months before your anticipated workshop date.

Contact Andrew Novak at CRWD: andrew@capitolregionwd.org or 651-644-8888 for application information.

How do I get reimbursed?
To receive reimbursement after your event, submit the following items:

  • A brief written summary of the event
  • Legible list of participants and their contact information
  • If applicable, original receipt or invoice from the workshop/rain barrel vendor
  • At least three digital photos of the event in progress.