Abandoned Well Sealing Grants

Who is eligible for a Well Sealing Grant?

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Abandoned Well Sealing Grants are available to all residents within Capitol Region Watershed District who have a well that is no longer in use on their property.

How do I apply?
For detailed information on how to apply for a Well Sealing Grant please click on the Grant Program Agreement Link Below.  These are the general steps for applying for the grant.

Why does Capitol Region Watershed District offer grants to seal abandoned wells?
Abandoned wells pose a threat to public health since they provide a direct pathway for contaminants to enter groundwater. Groundwater is a source of drinking water for thousands of the people in the metro area, so protecting it is our responsibility.


What do I have to do to seal a well?
Wells should be sealed by a licensed well contractor, which can cost from $500 to $1,000 for sealing the average four-inch diameter domestic well. You may apply for up to 50% reimbursement of the total direct sealing costs, up to $750 per well. The costs may include pulling the old pump and equipment, grouting material and pumping the grout into the old well.


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