East Kittsondale Stormwater Retrofits


East Kittsondale Stormwater Retrofit Analysis Final Report

Interactive Project Map

Project Background

In 2014 CRWD completed the East Kittsondale Urban Stormwater Retrofit Assessment which analyzed the subwatershed for cost-effective BMP opportunities. The assessment used a well-established, systematic method of project identification, cost-benefit analysis, and project ranking to develop a prioritized list of projects that will provide the greatest water quality improvement for each dollar spent. Over 100 potential projects were identified with over 700 BMP configurations to choose from.

Stormwater Problem

A tremendous amount of stormwater runoff and pollutants are discharged from the subwatershed annually due to the urban nature of the landscape. Pollutants include sediment, nutrients, and bacteria. The urbanized condition of the 1,860 acre subwatershed results in an estimated 1,500 pounds of phosphorus, over 470,000 pounds of sediment, and significant concentrations of bacteria associated with that sediment being sent untreated to the Mississippi River each year.

Project Scope of Work

In the coming years, CRWD will be working with project partners, engineers, and contractors to install stormwater BMPs. Projects will be installed by December, 2018.

Public Education and Outreach

Education and outreach efforts will be conducted as part of the project selection process. Efforts may include direct outreach for public and private landowners or a coordinated effort with a local District Planning Council.

Project Funding

Current project funding includes a Clean Water Fund grant award (from BWSR and the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy amendment) and matching funds from CRWD. Additional funds and in-kind contributions will be sought from project partners.