Crosby Lake Management Plan

The CRWD’s Board of Managers adopted the Crosby Lake Management Plan at their October 17 meeting.  The overarching goal of the plan is to protect the water quality and natural hydrologic regime of Crosby Lake by applying science-based lake management activities.  The development of the plan included gathering information on the current conditions of the lake, identifying issues of concern and priority watershed areas, developing management goals, and determining implementation opportunities. Extensive stakeholder involvement and input from the Citizen Advisory Group (CAG), local government and the public were integral to the development of the plan.  Funding for the report was provided by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency from the State’s Clean Water Partnership Grant Fund. Click here to access the final Crosby Lake Management Plan.

In late 2009, MN Pollution Control Agency awarded CRWD a $50,000 grant funded through MN Clean Water Partnership Program to develop the Crosby Lake Management Plan. The contributing sponsors for this grant project include the City of Saint Paul, who own Crosby Farm Park, Ramsey County, National Park Service, Friends of Mississippi River, Friends of the Parks and Trails in Saint Paul and Ramsey County, and Highland District Council. A work plan was prepared to serve as a guide in developing the management plan from Summer 2010 to Spring 2011.

The goals of the management plan are:

  • to assess the current conditions of the lake;
  • to identify the issues of concern and the priority watershed areas for management;
  • to develop management goals and objectives; and
  • to determine the implementation opportunities and activities for protecting and improving the ecological, aesthetic and recreational benefits of the lake.

To ensure broad stakeholder input into the plan, CRWD convened two advisory groups: 1) a technical group comprised of government agencies and non-profit organizations; and 2) a citizen group. A series of three meetings were held to provide background information about CRWD and Crosby Lake and the management plan development process; to solicit detailed information on the goals and projects the stakeholders believe are important to protecting Crosby Lake and to present the completed management plan to the advisory groups.

Draft Crosby Lake Management Plan

CRWD and its partners have completed the draft management plan for Crosby Lake. The draft Crosby Lake Management Plan describes the existing water quality, hydrologic, and ecological conditions of Crosby Lake as well as the management goals and implementation activities to protect and improve the lake’s water quality and minimize polluted runoff to the Mississippi River. The draft plan is available by clicking here.

Citizen Advisory Group

Capitol Region Watershed District, the City of Saint Paul and other local organizations invited District residents, park users and other interested citizens to join us in the development of a management plan for Crosby Lake in Saint Paul. The objectives of the Citizen Advisory Group were to:

  • Learn more about CRWD and how it works to protect, manage and improve local water resources;
  • Become informed about the current condition of Crosby Lake and the factors impacting its health;
  • Understand the process for developing a lake management plan; and
  • help create goals, objectives and activities for the lake management plan.

Click here for a copy of a one-page description of the CAG and its meeting framework.


  • The third, and final Citizen Advisory Group meeting was held on August 8, 2011 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. The purpose of the meeting was to present the Draft Management Plan to the CAG and to recieve feedback to be used in the Final Crosby Lake Mangement Plan. Click here to view the meeting agenda.
  • CRWD held the second Citizen Advisory Group meeting on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 from 7 to 8:30pm. The meeting was an interactive session focused on gaining citizen input and ideas for the management plan. It was an opportunity for all participants to share their vision and goals for the lake and to suggest management activities and projects. Click here to visit the meeting summary.
  • The first meeting was held on September 29, 2010 at the Highland Park Senior High School. Over 35 residents in attendance learned about CRWD, the City of Saint Paul’s work in and around Crosby Farm Park, the Crosby Lake Management Plan development process and background information about the health of Crosby Lake. Click on one of the links below to download a PDF version of a presentation from the meeting.

For more information about the Crosby Lake Management Plan, please email Anna Eleria or call her at (651) 644-8888.

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