groundwater image

There are three significant aquifers, or underground layers of water-bearing rocks or unconsolidated material, in the District. The three aquifers, from shallowest to deepest, are: Water Table Aquifer, Saint Peter Aquifer, and Prairie du Chien-Jordan Aquifer.

The Water Table Aquifer is located in quaternary deposits and is often expressed as surface waterbodies including Lake McCarrons and Como Lake. As the shallowest groundwater, its quality can be affected by the stormwater infiltrating into it.

The Saint Peter Aquifer is confined in some areas and unconfined in other areas where these confining layers have eroded away. Flow in this aquifer is towards the Mississippi River.

The Prairie du Chien-Jordan aquifer has a total thickness between 120 and 130 feet and flows towards the Mississippi River. This aquifer has been subject to large withdrawals by industrial, municipal and commercial uses, which have lowered the water level by almost 50 feet since its first use in the 1880s. The Ramsey County Conservation District, with CRWD’s and others involvement, is developing a groundwater management plan for cooperative protection of a regional resource. For more information, visit RCD’s website.