Crosby Lake

Crosby Lake is one of a limited number of large District waterbodies and is largely unmanaged. It is located within the floodplain of the Mississippi River and is part of a complex of wetland and forested areas associated with the Mississippi River Valley. Crosby Lake is 48 acres in size with a maximum depth of 19 feet. Because the lake receives only a small amount of local drainage, water quality of the lake is generally good with superb water clarity. Water quality monitoring of the lake is conducted by Ramsey County twice monthly. CRWD performs analysis and reporting of monitoring data to evaluate and track water quality in the lake. The Crosby Lake Farm Park is managed by the City of Saint Paul and offers canoeing, fishing, and walking opportunities. Visit our recreation page for a link to park information.

Management Plan
Starting in summer 2010, CRWD, the City of Saint Paul and other partners are developing a management plan for Crosby Lake. The intent of the plan is to determine the framework and initiatives to protect and improve the water quality and ecological health of Crosby Lake. Click here to learn more about the management plan development process.