Lake McCarrons

Lake McCarrons is a small, urban lake located in the southeastern corner of Roseville. The lake has a surface area of 81 acres and a maximum depth of 57 feet – small and deep compared to other metro lakes. The lake is surrounded by single-family residences and a County Park and drains an area of 1,070 acres. It is the only lake in the District which provides swimming. The lake receives runoff only from the City of Roseville and discharges to the Trout Brook Storm Sewer System. Similar to Como Lake, phosphorus is the pollutant of most concern.

Management Plan
In 2003, the Lake McCarrons Management Plan was completed. The plan identified multiple lake management concerns including water quality improvement, nuisance aquatic plant control (i.e., Eurasian watermilfoil), protection of fisheries and recreational use, improved wetland system operation and coordination among jurisdictions. The management plan called for numeric water quality improvements for phosphorus and dissolved oxygen to control algal blooms and improve water quality for the public and aquatic life. Several of the management plan goals have already been met. To read about the improvements, click here.

CRWD Efforts
CRWD measures water levels into the lake from the Villa Park wetland system and out of the lake and into the Trout Brook storm sewer system. The Villa Park wetland system consists of a series of engineered ponds and weirs that removes pollutants before discharging to Lake McCarrons. The wetland system was first constructed in 1985 and then reengineered in 2004 to improve its effectiveness in removing nutrients and sediments. The water quality of Lake McCarrons is monitored on a bi-monthly basis by Ramsey County while CRWD monitors the Villa Park wetland system at its inlet and outlet. CRWD performs analysis and reporting of monitoring data to evaluate and track water quality in the lake.

CRWD is working with the Ramsey Conservation District (RCD) to restore the shoreline of Lake McCarrons. In 2006, a shoreline assessment survey was completed identifying the condition of shoreline areas and the level of urgency for restoration. To view the map of the shoreline survey, click here. In 2008 and 2009, with funding from the MN Board of Water and Soil Resources, lakeshore residents with degraded shorelines will be able to restore them.

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