Willow Reserve



Willow Reserve is a 23-acre wetland and upland area located north of Maryland Avenue between Arundel and Farrington Streets just northeast of Loeb Lake. The site receives runoff from it’s local watershed (29.6 acres) as well as the Trout Brook storm sewer system. Until the 1980’s portions of the site were used for agricultural production and a commercial nursery. In the 1960’s a neighborhood group worked with the City of St. Paul to acquire the site for a bird and wildlife sanctuary. The site is currently owned and managed by St. Paul Parks and Recreation as a Park Preserve.  CRWD has been working in partnership with the City of St. Paul to improve the overall health and water quality of the wetland. The water quality and wetland health are monitored by CRWD through our Monitoring Program. A wetland function and value assessment was conducted at Willow Reserve in 2000. Below are links to reports about Willow Reserve and the Willow Reserve Restoration Plan project page.

Willow Reserve Natural Resource Inventory (2007)
Loeb Lake and Willow Reserve Management Plan (2009)
Willow Reserve History Report: Nature at Work (2015)

Willow Reserve Restoration Plan