CRWD Reports

Sustainable Stormwater Management on the Ford Site
District 6 Natural Resource Inventory 2015
Como Lake Turtle Study
Como Lake TMDL 2013

Villa Park
Villa Park Wetland Management Plan
Villa Park Wetland Management Plan Appendices

Education Reports
2017 – A Model for Resident-led, Place-based, Phosphorus Source Reduction Inside Watersheds
2015 – Community Capacity for Stormwater Management Report
2015 Education and Outreach Plan
2014 – 2015 Education and Outreach Plan
Macalester College – Watershed Education Display Analysis and Final Report (2013)
Como Lake Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) Study survey results (2012)
2009 Education and Outreach Plan
2009 Wilder Research Survey Results

CRWD Annual Reports
2015 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report
2011 Annual Report
2010 Annual Report
2009 Annual Report
2008 Annual Report
2007 Annual Report
2006 Annual Report
2005 Annual Report

CRWD Strategic Plan
2008 Strategic Plan

Lakes Monitoring Reports
2016 Lakes Monitoring Report
2015 Lakes Monitoring Report
2014 Lakes Monitoring Report

Stormwater Monitoring Report
2015 Stormwater Monitoring Report

Watershed Management Plan
2015 Watershed Management Plan Mid Term Review
2010 Watershed Management Plan
2000 Watershed Management Plan

Subwatershed Analysis Reports
Como Park Stormwater Inventory and Watershed Analysis
Como 3 Subwatershed Analysis Report (DRAFT) 
Como 7 Subwatershed Analysis Report
Lake McCarrons Subwatershed Analysis Report

Lake Management Plans
Crosby Lake Management Plan
Como Lake Management Plan
Lake McCarrons Management Plan
Loeb Lake and Willow Reserve Management Plan

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program Reports
2015 CRWD SWPPP Annual Report
2014 CRWD SWPPP Annual Report
2013 CRWD SWPPP Annual Report
2012 CRWD SWPPP Annual Report
2011 CRWD SWPPP Annual Report
2010 CRWD SWPPP Annual Report
2009 CRWD SWPPP Annual Report
2008 CRWD SWPPP Annual Report
2007 CRWD SWPPP Annual Report

Wetland Monitoring Report 
2007-2014 Wetland Monitoring Report

Stormwater Best Management Practice Performance Assessments
BMP Performance and Cost-Benefit Analysis: Arlington Pascal Project 2007-2010
BMP Performance and Cost-Benefit Analysis: Arlington Pascal Project 2007-2010 – Appendices
Arlington Pascal Project: Gross Solids Accumulation Study