Our Work

Mission and Philosophy

CRWD’s mission is to protect, manage and improve the water resources of Capitol Region Watershed District.

Protecting our shared water resources benefits all Minnesotans by creating a healthy, thriving environment for recreation, commerce, and natural beauty.

CRWD Programs

CRWD accomplishes its mission through the following programs.

  • Watershed rules and permitting
  • Stormwater, lake, river and Best Management Practice (BMP) monitoring
  • Water resource improvement projects
  • Education and outreach programs
  • Providing technical assistance and funding through our grant programs

CRWD Annual Reports

Our program results are captured in CRWD’s annual report, published each year to inform District residents and stakeholders about our activities.

Watershed Management Plan

CRWD’s first watershed management plan (WMP) was adopted in 2000 to identify goals, policies, and action plans for fulfilling CRWD’s mission. CRWD adopted its most recent WMP on September 1, 2010, the result of a two-year planning process that included significant input from the District’s partners and residents.

Our ten-year WMP includes the following mandates:

  • Recognize the challenges of water quality improvement in a highly urbanized watershed
  • Recommend and prioritize unique and creative approaches to watershed management
  • Recommend and prioritize water quality and quantity improvement projects, based on CRWD modeling and monitoring results
  • Recommend and prioritize District programs for improved watershed awareness
  • Define the respective roles and responsibilities between CRWD, local units of government and other organizations
  • Address emerging challenges posed by federal Clean Water Act requirements for impaired waters

By using CRWD’s WMP, cities and organizations in the District can also get insight and assistance to determine how to accomplish their own community water management goals, as well as the level of involvement CRWD will have in achieving those goals.

Diversity & Inclusion

CRWD embraces and values diversity and seeks to recruit, promote and retain employees that reflect the community we serve. We believe that a diverse mix of employees enrich the workplace and enhance the quality of our service. The District encourages all qualified to apply for open positions.

CRWD is committed to the following diversity goals:

  • CRWD and its service providers should reflect the racial, gender and cultural demographics of the watershed and City of Saint Paul
  • Understand and incorporate cultural perspectives on water and government
  • Create opportunities for people of color in the environmental/water resources profession through training and recruitment
  • Consider equity and equality as a means to achieve diversity
  • Use water management as a tool to help address local and community concerns

Watershed Steward Awards

Every year, CRWD recognizes the District’s most prominent advocates for watershed health with its annual Watershed Steward Awards. These honors are given to individuals or groups that have lived CRWD’s mission with passion and improved watershed health.

CRWD recognizes watershed stewards in six categories: Watershed Citizen, Watershed Partner, Watershed Outreach Program, Young Watershed Steward, Watershed Project and Lifetime Stewardship. Nominations are submitted by residents and partner organizations, and CRWD chooses nominees that have been working closely with the District throughout the year. Learn more about our past Watershed Steward Award recipients.