Watershed Management Plan

2020 Update

Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD) is updating its Watershed Management Plan (Plan). The Plan outlines how CRWD will pursue its mission to protect, manage, and improve water resources of the District over the next 10 years.

The 2020 Plan will be the third iteration of the Plan, replacing the 2010 Plan. Development of the 2020 Plan will build on previous CRWD experience, meaningful input from stakeholders and partners, and the District’s recent Strategic Planning effort.

The District will be working to update the Plan over the next two years, following the process outlined in Minnesota Statutes 103B and Minnesota Rules 8410. The Plan update is divided into four phases: Public Outreach, Draft Plan Development, Formal Plan Review, and Plan Adoption. Throughout the Plan update process, the District will be seeking input from stakeholders like you.

Throughout the Plan update process, the District will be seeking input from stakeholders like you.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder input is an important part of establishing Plan priorities and fostering the community support and cooperation necessary to successfully carry out CRWD projects and programs.

CRWD has designed a stakeholder engagement process that is meaningful, relevant, accessible, inclusive, and equitable so that CRWD’s communities are represented, engaged, heard and empowered throughout the Plan update process.

Throughout the Plan update, the District will use a range of activities to work with various stakeholder audiences. Plan stakeholders include: residents, neighborhood organizations & community groups, state agencies, property & business owners, citizen advisory committee (CAC), technical advisory committee (TAC) of city staff, and adjacent watershed organizations.

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Draft Plan Development

Following a thorough stakeholder engagement process, the District will begin writing the draft Plan. Draft Plan tables, text, and figures will be posted on this page for viewing and feedback prior to submittal of the complete draft Plan for formal review. Draft Plan sections may include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Land and Water Resources Inventory
  • Issues and Opportunities
  • Goals and Policies
  • Program Implementation
  • Appendices

Formal Plan Review

After the draft Plan is written, CRWD’s Board of Managers must submit the Plan for formal review as described in Minnesota Statutes 103B. The entire formal review process may take up to 9 months and includes several sequential steps.

  • Submit Draft Plan for 60-day review (01/2020-03/2020)
  • Receive and compile comments (03/2020-04/2020)
  • Distribute written responses to comments  (05/2020)
  • Hold a public hearing on the Plan (08/2020)
  • Resubmit Plant to the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) for final approval (05/2020-08/2020)
  • Adopt the Plan (05/2020)

Provide Comments in Person or Online:

    • Submit a comment to CRWD’s WMP Project Manager, Anna Eleria.
    • Attend a public hearing, details forthcoming.