Monitoring & Research


CRWD monitors water quality to quantify pollutants in stormwater runoff, as well as in the District’s lakes, stormwater ponds, and wetlands. This information helps CRWD and its partners create water quality improvement solutions and develop educational programming. CRWD also operates, maintains and monitors stormwater best management practices (BMPs) to assess their effectiveness at reducing runoff and removing pollutants. Data collected is used to adapt projects or maintenance plans as needed to maximize performance.

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Data & Analysis

Data gathered through CRWD’s monitoring program is used to assess the ongoing health of the District’s water resources. CRWD collects water quality and quantity data at monitoring stations throughout the District:

  • Ten full water quality stations
  • Three flow-only stations
  • Five level-logger stations
  • Six precipitation gauges
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CRWD monitoring also helps inform research studies that analyze different aspects of water quality in the District. We work with third-party organizations – including government, higher education, charitable foundation and community partners – to conduct research and gather results. Research helps CRWD assess the success of its stormwater improvements throughout the District and establish best practices for future management.

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