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CRWD rules require stormwater management permits for construction projects disturbing more than one acre of land within the watershed. As most of the District is developed, stormwater management is critical to improving water quality.

Permit applications are reviewed by District staff and presented to the Board of Managers at monthly meeting, typically held the first and third Wednesday of every month. CRWD staff then will recommend action to the Managers, who approve or deny the application based on District rules.

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Applicants must submit the permit application at least 21 days prior to a regularly scheduled board meeting. All board meetings are held at CRWD offices, 595 Aldine Street, Saint Paul, MN 55104.

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Contact CRWD to check the status of your permit application.

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Closeout Info

If the project has been completed in accordance with the terms of the permit and the District’s Watershed Rules, a final closeout inspection report will be sent to the applicant stating that the permit will be closed. CRWD will the release the bond or letter of credit (if applicable) and return the cash surety within approximately 3-6 weeks.