Our History


Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD is a local, special-purpose unit of government that works to protect, manage, and improve the lakes, streams, rivers, and wetlands of the District.

A small group of residents gathered to discuss their concerns about Como Lake in 1995. Three years later, in 1998, the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources approved their petition to create Capitol Region Watershed District. In the past two and a half decades, the District has grown from our modest roots to become a national leader in stormwater management. Read more about CRWD’s formation and early path in the History Report linked below.

The history report was made possible in part by the people of Minnesota through a grant funded by an appropriation to the Minnesota Historical Society from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Any views, findings, opinions, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the State of Minnesota, the Minnesota Historical Society, or the Minnesota Historic Resources Advisory Committee.


CRWD History Report PDF

CRWD Timeline