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Lake McCarrons is a 74-acre, deep lake in the southeastern corner of Roseville. Single-family homes and a County park encircle the lake, and its subwatershed that drains more than 1,000 acres of surrounding land. With a maximum depth of 57 feet, Lake McCarrons supports a variety of outdoor recreational activities, including swimming, boating and fishing. It is the only lake in the District where swimming occurs. Visitors to Lake McCarrons can enjoy a beach building, picnic shelter and boat launch on the east shore of the lake.

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Lake McCarrons Management Plan

CRWD and its partners completed the Lake McCarrons Management Plan in 2003 and identified several lake management concerns, including high phosphorus loads at certain times of the year, invasive plant species, and vegetation overgrowth on the west end of the lake. Improved wetland systems, fish and wildlife protection, management of the internal phosphorus load and water quality improvements are among the many goals addressed in the plan. Several of the management plan goals have already been met, and total phosphorus concentrations remain below the acceptable levels outlined in the plan.