Apply for a Grant in the Capitol Region Watershed District

CRWD grant programs provide financial and technical assistance to help build projects that protect local lakes and the Mississippi River. Polluted runoff – stormwater that flows over impervious surfaces and into storm sewers – is a leading cause of water pollution in lakes and rivers, particularly in urban areas. Much of the land in CRWD is already developed and privately owned, so working with residents, schools, churches and businesses that build clean water projects is essential for improving water quality. Find out if you or your organization qualify for a water conservation grant in Saint Paul or the surrounding areas.

Partner Grants

Partner Grants fund programs led by schools, art organizations, and environmental or faith groups that share our mission to protect the District’s water resources. Partner grants provide assistance for educating the public and promoting clean water actions within the watershed. Grants are awarded once per year in December and awards range from $2,000 to $20,000.

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Stewardship Grants

Stewardship Grants help homeowners, businesses, schools, and community organizations design and build projects that prevent stormwater pollution. Through this program, CRWD hopes to encourage a strong ethic of water resource stewardship within the watershed. Grant awards typically range from $300 to $40,000 and applications are accepted year-round.

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Water Quality Planning Grants

Water Quality Planning Grants provide financial assistance for feasibility and design of innovative projects that protect and improve water quality in CRWD.  Public, private and non-profit organizations are eligible to apply.  The typical grant award is $10,000-$30,000 and applications are accepted anytime.

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Water Quality Capital Improvement Grants

Water Quality Capital Improvement Project Grants provide financial assistance for final engineering and construction of innovative projects that project and improve water quality in CRWD.  Public, private and non-profit organizations are eligible to apply.  The typical grant award is $40,000-$150,000 and applications are accepted up to two times each year.

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Rain Barrel Workshop Grants

Rain Barrel Workshop Grants provide assistance to groups who organize and host an educational rain barrel workshop. Awards cover up to $50 for each participant and can be used to purchase ready-made rain barrels or materials to build your own. All projects must include an educational component and provide each participant with their very own rain barrel.

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Well-Sealing Grants

Well-Sealing Grants are awarded year-round and can be used for sealing abandoned wells that are within the District. Old or abandoned wells can be a public health hazard and a pathway for groundwater contaminants. Award amounts typically cover 50 percent of the cost of well sealing, with up to $750 total funding provided per well. The service must be performed by a licensed well sealing contractor.

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Creating stormwater improvements is only a first step in protecting the District’s water resources. Ongoing maintenance ensures that CRWD grant projects continue to capture and clean stormwater runoff. A maintenance component is essential for every CRWD grant project, and the District can help residents identify and execute maintenance best practices for all projects submitted for grant consideration.

Community rain garden maintenance, for example, is often necessary to keep rain gardens functioning as stormwater filters. Regular weeding, excess dirt and debris removal, native plant replacement, frequent watering and flood prevention are among the maintenance activities required for rain gardens.