Partner Grants

Partner Grants fund programs led by community, arts and environmental organizations, schools and faith-based groups that educate and promote clean water actions. Grants are awarded once a year in December for the following year, and awards typically range from $2,000 to $20,000.

Programs must occur within Capitol Region Watershed District’s (CRWD) boundaries (click link below) to be eligible for funding. Partner grant agreement requirements include insurance requirements, submittal of a final report including high resolution photos of your project or program and grant funds are distributed following completion and reporting of your project. CRWD’s Partner Grant Review Committee may determine to fully or partially fund your proposal.

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Contact Us to Learn More About Partner Grants

Contact Information:

Lindsay Schwantes
651-644-8888 Ext. 105

The application deadline for 2020 Partner Grants was October 31, 2019. CRWD is not accepting new Partner Grant Applications at this time. An announcement will be made in August 2020 requesting new proposals. Please check back or reach out to Lindsay with questions.

Reporting and Reimbursements

Grant funding can be used to reimburse staff time and supplies for a program or project. A final report must be submitted by year-end, and include receipts or invoices for funded tasks, photography and a written report describing project or program outcomes prior to reimbursement.

All grantees must report general information about program input and outcomes. Priority is given to applicants who propose ways to measure program impacts to residents. These impact metrics may include actions taken, educational outcomes and changes in water quality protection behaviors.

View 2019 Partner Grant Final Reporting Requirements PDF

Partner Projects In Action

In Progress presents Our Sacred Water, a digital storytelling project supported by a CRWD 2019 Partner Grant.

The project entailed mentoring, public education, and creative art-making activities that raised participant and audience understandings of environmentalism from an Indigenous perspective. Six youth and their families developed a series of photo and video works designed to raise awareness about the sacred nature of water.

Statement from In Progress Artists: Indigenous people represent the oldest nations in the world. We have learned from our elders, our parents and our mentors that we must all work together to care and maintain our water resources for the generations yet to come. As Indigenous youth, we stand together in reminding us all that water is everything.

Created by Tiana Bluebird, Azalea Erickson, Alexander Erickson, Rocky Erickson, XIcintli Quiroz, and Kimimila Wahpepah, with support and guidance from Tiana LaPointe and Wakinyan LaPointe.

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