Partner Grants

Partner Grants fund programs led by community, arts and environmental organizations, schools and faith-based groups that educate residents and promote clean water actions. Grants are awarded once a year in December for the following year, and awards typically range from $2,000 to $20,000. Programs must occur within CRWD’s boundaries to be eligible for funding, and partner grant guidelines also include insurance requirements.

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Reporting and Reimbursements

Grant funding can be used to reimburse staff time and supplies for a program or project. All activities must be completed and a final report submitted by year-end, and grant recipients are reimbursed upon project completion and final reporting.

All grantees must report general information about program input and outcomes. Priority is given to applicants who propose ways to measure program impacts to residents. These impact metrics may include actions taken, educational outcomes and changes in water quality protection behaviors.

Partner Projects In Action