Clean Water Project Grants

Clean Water Project Grants provide technical and financial assistance to residents, non-profits, schools, businesses, and public agencies within Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD) to build projects that prevent stormwater pollution from entering our lakes and the Mississippi River. Visit the page linked below and scroll down for an interactive map of the District.


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Grant Overview

Qualifying Applicants

Any resident, non-profit, school, business, and public agency within CRWD’s boundaries is encouraged to apply.

Project Eligibility

Stormwater best management practices (BMPs) include:

  • rain gardens
  • water harvesting and reuse systems
  • shoreline restoration
  • permeable pavement
  • green roofs

Clean Water Projects demonstrating innovative design concepts that may provide less water quality benefit but provide other substantial community benefits must contact the CRWD Stormwater BMP Specialist for additional application and program requirements.

Grant Award Match Requirements

CRWD’s Clean Water Project Grants have minimum funding match requirements.

  • Residential, public agencies and non-profits: match requirement of 5%
  • Businesses and other for-profit organizations: match requirement of 25%

Focus Area Grant Awards

CRWD is working to increase grant projects throughout the District with an emphasis on expansion in the Saint Anthony Hill, Trout Brook, and Phalen Creek subwatersheds. Those subwatersheds are a focus area because they have fewer grant projects than other portions of the District and they overlap with communities of historically underrepresented groups, including people of color, immigrants, younger generations, and those living in poverty. CRWD has adjusted funding match requirements for the focus area to reduce barriers to participation and increase grant projects. Check the Focus Area Map to see if you qualify.

  • Residential: no match requirement
  • Public agencies and non-profits: match requirement of 5%
  • Businesses and other for-profit organizations: match requirement of 10%

Grant Awards

Clean Water Project Grant awards range from $500 – $200,000


Clean Water Project Grants must be completed within two years of the grant agreement signing


Applications are accepted year-round.

Project Maintenance

Maintenance is important in keeping a clean water project functioning as designed. Grantees agree to maintain their clean water project(s) for the life of the project, often 10 years. CRWD will provide a maintenance plan and will be available to answer questions about the health of the project.

Eligible new Clean Water Projects will automatically be enrolled in the Maintenance Grant program. No action is needed from the grantee. Visit the Clean Water Maintenance Grants page for more information.

More Information

View the grant guidelines and policies linked below for more information on program qualifications, match requirements, grantee responsibilities, an estimated project timeline, and maintenance requirements.

Clean Water Projects Grant Guidelines and Policies PDF

Curb Cut Boulevard Rain Gardens

Clean Water Project Grants can be awarded for curb-cut boulevard rain garden projects. Eligible curb-cut boulevard rain garden projects are bundled into a coordinated construction effort and managed directly by CRWD staff.

View the program overview linked below for more information on project qualifications, grantee responsibilities, timeline, and maintenance requirements.

Curb Cut Boulevard Rain Garden Program Overview PDF

Contract Agreement Sample

CRWD Clean Water Project Grant awards are finalized with a Stewardship Grant Program Agreement signed by the property owner and CRWD.  You can review the Stewardship Grant Program Agreement Sample PDF.


CRWD grant awards are issued as a reimbursement check. Once an approved grant project is completed and passes CRWD inspection, the grantee submits a reimbursement form along with itemized receipts and invoices that show proof of payment.


Visit the Project Maintenance and Resources page to assist you in constructing and caring for your clean water projects.

CRWD’s Clean Water Projects Maintenance Tips Newsletter offers seasonal tips for maintenance, workshops, and other project resources.

Past Projects

Click through the slider below to view some of the completed clean water projects in Capitol Region Watershed District. Examples include residential rain gardens, permeable pavement, curb cut boulevard rain gardens, and shoreline restoration.