Monitoring Program

CRWD Monitoring Program

In 2004, CRWD established a monitoring program to assess stormwater quality and quantity in various District subwatersheds and best management practices (BMPs). Prior to CRWD’s monitoring program, a lack of data made it difficult to characterize the quality of District water resources Today, CRWD collects comprehensive water quality and continuous flow data from major subwatersheds, ponds, lakes, and BMPs within the District.

What We Monitor

CRWD monitors critical measures of water quality, including:

  • Water Volume

  • Sediment

  • Metals

  • Bacteria

  • Other Pollutants

  • Nutrients


Ongoing maintenance ensures that CRWD projects continue to capture and clean stormwater runoff. Maintaining stormwater BMPs is essential for every CRWD project. For example, community rain garden maintenance is often necessary to keep rain gardens functioning as stormwater filters. Regular weeding, excess dirt and debris removal, native plant replacement, frequent watering and flood prevention are among the maintenance activities required for rain gardens.