Protecting the Mississippi River

Everything Flows to the River

The legendary Mississippi River defines the western and southern boundaries of CRWD and is the destination for all of the District’s water resources. Our lakes, streams, wetlands, and groundwater all flow to the river, making it a high priority for protection and conservation.

Since everything flows to the river, our watershed health is a critical component for a clean Mississippi River. You can help CRWD achieve its mission to protect and preserve the Mississippi River with simple acts like:

  • Keeping leaves and debris out of the street
  • Preventing pollutants such as oil and gasoline, from entering the watershed
  • Taking proactive approaches to water resource management, such as planting rain gardens and constructing rain barrels


Mississippi River Health

Water quality in the District’s section of the Mississippi River is typical of other river systems in urbanized areas. Sediment, bacteria and pollutants that drain into the Mississippi River can have an adverse impact on water quality and clarity, as well as wildlife habitat, biodiversity and much more. To avoid further impairments and strains on the River’s natural ecosystem, CRWD conducts studies to determine the best practices and projects to implement to make progress towards meeting water quality goals. We call these studies subwatershed analyses. The District then creates and executes more detailed construction plans to help capture and clean stormwater before it reaches the river.

Act Now to protect the Mississippi

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Connections to the Gulf of Mexico

As one of the most important river systems in the U.S., Mississippi River water quality impacts communities far outside of the District, all the way downstream to the Gulf of Mexico. Within CRWD alone, there are currently 42 storm sewer outlets that drain to the District’s 13-mile river segment. Protecting the water that flows to the Mississippi River is a priority for managing our water resources.

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Mississippi River Projects