Loeb Lake


Loeb Lake is a small, ten-acre lake in a residential neighborhood on Saint Paul’s North End. Marydale Park surrounds the lake, which is a popular destination for local anglers and visitors. Designated as a “Fishing in the Neighborhood” lake by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Loeb Lake is stocked with bluegill and other gamefish.

Loeb Lake Health

The water quality in Loeb Lake is good considering its urban location. Nutrient levels are low-to-moderate, though these are still pollutants of concern. Ramsey County conducts ongoing water quality monitoring for Loeb Lake. While maintaining good water quality is a key priority for the District, Loeb Lake also has a few areas of concern, mainly the loss of native plants and growth of nuisance species, such as curly leaf pondweed. The invasive plant Eurasian water milfoil has also been found in the lake.

How To Help Loeb Lake

CRWD encourages all District residents to get involved with protecting our shared water resources like Loeb Lake. Through volunteering, educational programs, our Community Advisory Committee, and the Minnesota Water Stewards program, CRWD empowers people living in the District to take an active role in watershed management.

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Loeb Lake Management Plan

CRWD completed its management plan for Loeb Lake and the nearby Willow Reserve wetland and wildlife preserve in 2009. The plan includes multiple steps to address lake health issues, such as invasive plant species and pollutants of concern, along with measurable goals and a timeline.