Rain Barrel Workshop Grants

Rain Barrel Workshop Grants provide financial assistance to groups that host educational events about the benefits of rain barrels. We can reimburse each organization $50 per workshop participant, up to $2,000 total for the event. Funding can be used for either ready-made rain barrels or materials used during the event to make rain barrels. Each participant will learn how rain barrels work and bring a rain barrel home with them from the event.

Apply For a Rain Barrel Workshop Grant

Organizations may use funds to host a workshop with a local vendor or to help cover the cost of ready-made rain barrels to sell or give to residents. All rain barrel projects must include a component that teaches how rain barrels help prevent water pollution.

How Do I Apply?

Your organization can apply by contacting Alexandra Morrison. You will be required to describe your rain barrel event including where it will be held, who will be invited, and how much it will cost your organization per participant. The described cost must include details about the rain barrels you will be providing each participant, including the name of the vendor or the material costs. You will also need to provide a workshop presentation and the name of your presenter. We have a presentation available for use upon request.

Alexandra Morrison
Stormwater BMP Technician
Email: amorrison@capitolregionwd.org
Phone: (651) 644-8888 Ext.108

How Do I Get Reimbursed

Your organization will qualify for reimbursement after your event by submitting the following items:

  • A list of participants with contact information
  • Receipt for all applicable materials
  • Photos from the event
Rain Barrel Workshop Application PDF