Stewardship Grants

Stewardship Grants provide financial and technical assistance to residents and organizations within the Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD) to build clean water projects that prevent stormwater pollution from entering our lakes and the Mississippi River. Examples of stormwater best management practices (BMPs) include:

  • rain gardens 
  • water reuse systems,
  • shoreline buffers,
  • permeable hardscapes, and
  • green roofs.
Map of CRWD
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Qualifying Applicants

  • Residents, non-profits, schools, public agencies, businesses, and all other organizations located within CRWD.

Grant Award Match Requirements

  • Residential, public agencies and non-profits: match requirement of 5%.
  • Businesses and other for-profit organizations: match requirement of 25%

Grant Awards

  • $300 – $40,000


  • Applications are accepted year-round.

Focus Area Bonus

  • In effort to expand clean water programs and projects in the district, CRWD is offering a focus area grant award bonus. In addition, CRWD has adjusted match requirements for those that qualify for the bonus. Check the Focus Area Map to see if you qualify.
    • Residential: no match requirement
    • Public agencies and non-profits: match requirement of 5%
    • Businesses and other for-profit organizations: match requirement of 10%

Visibility/Education Bonus

  • CRWD is offering a bonus for projects that are accessible or visible to the public. This bonus is available to projects that qualify. See Program Guidelines and Polices to learn more.

Program notice

  • Curb-cut boulevard rain gardens in the City of Saint Paul are on hold until further notice. If you are interested in a curb-cut boulevard rain garden in Saint Paul, please email to be notified when this part of the program resumes.


View the Stewardship Grant Policies and Guidelines

Stewardship Grant Program COVID-19 Response

Updated: January 14, 2021

CRWD’s Stewardship Grant Program is still available to provide technical assistance and landscape designs. Site visits will occur onsite while practicing social distancing. Property owners can opt for a virtual site visit or homeowners do not need to be home or come outside for a site visit. Staff will require permission to access the property to evaluate project opportunities.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.


Project Maintenance Resources

Routine maintenance is an important part of any clean water project. Visit the Project Maintenance page to assist you in caring for your projects.