Stewardship Grants

Stewardship Grants help homeowners, businesses, schools, and community organizations build projects that prevent stormwater pollution in Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD), which includes portions of Saint Paul, Roseville, Falcon Heights, Maplewood, and Lauderdale (view the map of CRWD). Awards range from $300-$40,000 and applications are accepted year-round.

Public and private landowners are eligible for technical and financial assistance to install water quality improvement best management practices (BMPs). Specifically, the program funds BMPs that reduce stormwater runoff, prevent erosion and filter pollutants. Typical BMP projects include but are not limited to:

  • rain gardens 
  • shoreline restoration
  • water reuse systems
  • permeable hardscapes (pavers, asphalt etc.).
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How Do I Get Started?

You can start the application process for a Stewardship Grant online using the link below or contact Joe Lochner at Ramsey County Soil & Water Conservation Division at 651-266-7273 to coordinate a free site visit.

Work with Joe Lochner to develop a Clean Water Plan for your property based on your discussion during the visit. Your Clean Water Plan will be a diagram illustrating viable project locations throughout your property. It will aslo give you an estimate of the cost of your project as well as potential funding.  

Submit application for approval by CRWD

Implement project and submit information to the District for reimbursement


CRWD offers free site visits for residents.

Schedule a Site Visit

​How is funding determined?

Stewardship Grant awards are allocated based on the water quality benefits provided by each project. Projects that capture runoff from streets (such as curb-cut rain gardens), parking lots or other impervious surfaces receive higher award amounts due to their higher water quality benefits. These projects could receive up to 95 percent of the total project costs, in addition to free design services. Projects that have a small impact in reducing stormwater volume and pollutants receive a lower grant award or may not qualify for Stewardship Grant funds.