Water Quality Capital Improvement Grants

Capitol Region Watershed District’s (CRWD) Water Quality Capital Improvement Grants provide financial assistance for final engineering and construction of cost-effective and/or innovative projects that protect and improve the water quality of waterbodies within CRWD. Successful applicants have a minimum of a completed water quality feasibility study and are typically planning on construction within a year of receiving a grant award (typically end of December).

Eligible applicants include public, private, and non-profit organizations working on a project located in CRWD (enter address here) . The average grant award is $100,000 and applications are accepted up to two times each year.


  • Support mid to large scale on-the-ground projects that improve water quality by decreasing stormwater runoff and pollutants and/or preserve, protect, and/or restore plant and wildlife communities
  • Provide opportunities to educate the public on their connection to water resources.
  • Provide demonstration of innovative and effective management practices
  • Foster stewardship of CRWD water resources from residents, businesses, schools, community groups and others who live, work or serve within CRWD
  • Support projects that further CRWD’s equity goal of implementing water quality improvement projects in underserved areas


  • Typical annual funding available: $300,000 – $500,000
  • Average grant award: $100,000
  • Annual application cycles: up to 2
  • October 31, 2019 Application Deadline*
  • December 18, 2019 Grant Award Authorization
  • After January 1, 2020 Grant Funds Available After Finalized Grant Agreement

*Application must be submitted by 11:59pm. Late responses will not be considered.


  • Government agencies working in CRWD
  • Public and private schools located within CRWD
  • Nonprofit, faith-based or religious organizations serving within CRWD
  • Businesses and other private property owners who are located within CRWD


  • Project must be located within CRWD
  • Water quality related construction and construction management expenses exceeding $40,000 (if less than $40,000 see CRWD’s Stewardship Grant Program)
  • Eligible projects include: stormwater best management practices (BMPs), erosion stabilization, shoreline restoration, and habitat improvement
  • Feasibility study including design alternatives, cost estimates, and pollution reduction estimates must be completed prior to applying (see CRWD’s Water Quality Planning Grant for assistance).
  • Projects must be innovative and/or cost-effective
  • Projects must include educational components
  • Construction must be completed within two years of grant award
  • Projects required to meet regulations are not eligible. Project components that go above-and-beyond required treatment may be eligible for partial funding.


View Water Quality Capital Improvement Grants Overview PDF

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To check the status of a submitted grant application, please contact CRWD with any questions.

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Reporting and Reimbursement

Reporting requirements are specific to each project and will be outlined in a grant agreement. Typically, grant recipients are required to provide copies of paid invoices for installation of grant-eligible items. Reimbursements will be made within 60 days of CRWD staff verification of project completion.