Meet Marta and Carol

CRWD’s newest (masked and distanced) faces!

2020 was a year unlike any other. Yet the work of Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD) continued, and we welcomed two new staff members to our team to support our mission to protect and improve nearby lakes and the Mississippi River.

Water Resource Technician Marta Wichman with our Monitoring, Research and Maintenance Division joined CRWD in April 2020.  Marta assists the District’s Stormwater Monitoring Program by conducting water quality monitoring, data analysis, and the installation and maintenance of monitoring equipment.

In July 2020 Stormwater BMP Specialist Carol Lundgren joined our Planning, Projects, and Grants Division. Carol is responsible for the coordination and implementation of water quality improvement grant programs and the planning, design and construction of green infrastructure practices and other stormwater best management practices (BMPs) in the District.

While they have yet to share the office with our full CRWD crew due to COVID-19 precautions, they’ve both quickly become part of our close-knit team. Get to know more about them and their work with the District.


Let’s dive right in! What do you find exciting about working at CRWD?

Marta: I find it exciting to be working for a public entity that cares so much about protecting the water resources of the District. Here in MN, our bodies of water are so important to us for our water supply, recreation, aesthetic beauty, habitat for animals, and much more. CRWD keeps these things top of mind when implementing new projects and when monitoring water quality, BMP performance, etc. CRWD is also the friendliest, most welcoming and accommodating place I’ve had the pleasure to work for.

Carol: Seeing a project through from beginning to the end. Currently, this has only been smaller scale projects with the limited time that I have been at CRWD but seeing the volume of residents and organizations interested in installing stormwater BMP projects is exciting.


What are some projects that you’ve been a part of?

Carol: Since I began working at CRWD six months ago, I have been working on a variety of water quality projects for the Stewardship Grant Program. This has included working with residents, community organizations and local businesses in a variety of ways including implementing rain gardens, executing grant agreements for well-sealing and acting as a resource for anyone in the District with a stormwater BMP question.

Marta: One of the most notable projects I’ve worked on since joining CRWD was compiling a Hidden Falls monitoring data report characterizing pre-construction conditions of the subwatershed so that we can see how things change with the new and exciting Ford site project being implemented! I’ve also helped collaborate between CRWD and Women’s Environmental Network MN to plan a COVID-friendly building tour of the new CRWD grounds to educate others on the stormwater infrastructure and other sustainable designs incorporated into our new workspace.


What is your professional background?

Marta: I received my BS in Environmental Science for UW-Madison in 2018. After that I dabbled in restaurant work as a host and server while on the hunt for jobs in my field, which I enjoyed a lot (I’m a big foodie!). I finally accepted an internship with the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization in Northeast Minneapolis in 2019, which is where I first dove into the watershed management field. After almost a year there I secured a position here at CRWD as a Water Resource Technician and I’m really enjoying it!

Carol: I have a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from the University of Minnesota, and I am working towards my master’s degree in Natural Science and Environmental Education at Hamline University. Before coming to CRWD I worked at the City of Eden Prairie for almost 7 years with my last position being the Sustainability Coordinator. Early on in my career I worked in healthcare and thought about becoming a nurse but my interest environmental conservation and how people interact with their environment led me to where I am today.


What is your favorite part of your job?

Carol: I enjoy meeting with community members, hearing their ideas and helping them reach their water quality goals. This fall I closed out a project that had begun before I started at CRWD and I had not met the grantee yet. During the final inspection, the three-year old boy whose parents were awarded a Stewardship Grant led a co-worker and me around the yard explaining the types of plants they installed and the work they did to complete the rain garden. It was fantastic!

Marta: My favorite part of my job is the field work aspect of it. It is so nice to be able to get outside during the workday and enjoy fresh air and nature as a part of my regular duties. It also really helps to foster camaraderie with my coworkers and encourages working as a team, which are both very important to me.


What about outside of work? Would you please share a little about yourself – such as family, hobbies, or pets?

Marta: I love to cook and have recently had to shift to gluten free cooking and baking, which has proved to be rather challenging but with a huge payoff (delicious food!). I am obsessed with plants and have really been able to delve into my houseplant collection since COVID started, which is a silver lining. I also have a small pet rabbit named Oreo (AKA Bun, Bunny, Lil’ Boy) who happens to have a BIG personality and who mainly has free roam of the apartment (see below for photos of Oreo). He’s a lot of fun.

Carol: I have a dog named Todd who is a Labrador Retriever/Bernese Mountain Dog mix who loves water and walks (see below for photos of Todd). I am a coffee enthusiast who loves to travel and pretty much any outdoor activity including BWCA trips, running and kayaking. During the pandemic I am trying out new hobbies such as making limoncello and learning how to cross-stitch.


We all love water! What is your favorite body of water or park in CRWD?

Carol: Como Lake is probably my favorite since it is close to the zoo and conservatory. I also have fond memories of meeting up with friends at the Como Lake Pavilion for outdoor movies, food, and drinks.

Marta: I have a soft spot for Como Lake; some of my earliest childhood memories take place at Como Lake and I always love a good walk around the lake on a beautiful day or finding a nice picnic table nearby to enjoy a summer evening meal.

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