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New CRWD Office Combines Watershed Management with Sustainability: Take a Look

CRWD is excited to start the next chapter in its 20-year history. We’ll be moving to our new building in the Midway neighborhood of Saint Paul later this year, where we’ll deliver a unique learning experience to District residents and visitors.

Not only will our new offices at 595 Aldine Street use green building principles – including stormwater management and energy-saving practices – the building will also include public, interactive features designed to provide a one-of-a-kind look at watershed science.

CRWD purchased the former MacQueen Equipment building in early 2017. The $7.3 million facility will feature:

  • Gathering spaces for community and partner organizations
  • A watershed learning center with on-site educational opportunities
  • A sustainable workspace for CRWD staff that meets LEED Gold standards
  • A pocket park, combining the natural and built environments with interactive elements for neighbors and visitors to enjoy
  • 1,083 square-feet of permeable pavement
  • 2,460 square-feet of boulevard tree trenches
  • 7,500 square-feet of rain gardens for stormwater infiltration and filtration
  • A 75,000-gallon underground infiltration tank system
  • 20 percent reduction of impervious surfaces across the site
  • 26 percent of the site planted with native, pollinator-friendly species
  • 41 native trees to be planted on site

All stormwater on the property will be managed in a way that brings visibility and visitor interaction to the process. For example, all roof water will be collected and directed to an interior cistern and then used for toilet flushing, field sample bottle washing, exterior spigot use and outdoor irrigation. A weather forecasting system predicts storm events and coordinates the controlled draw-down of the cistern to create capacity for incoming stormwater.

Additional stormwater management improvements at the site will include:

Additional water- and energy-saving features will be front-and-center at the new CRWD headquarters. The new building will help CRWD realize a 30 percent reduction in energy use through high-efficiency lighting, a rooftop photovoltaic solar array, a high-reflectance TPO roof system, and an interior layout that maximizes daylight and views for staff. The automated daylighting system – using unique, sensor-controlled software – manages interior glare and cuts lighting costs by monitoring window and skylight openings and adjusting shades accordingly.

When complete, the new building will provide 13,000 square-feet of office space for CRWD staff, ensuring the District will have plenty of room to grow in the future without acquiring additional space.

Saint Paul Mayor Melvin Carter praised the project in a statement issued as part of a May 22 groundbreaking ceremony, calling CRWD a “critical partner of the City of Saint Paul in our work to protect the Mississippi River from pollution, prevent flooding, and be good stewards of water, our most precious natural resource.”

We’re looking forward to opening the new office in the Fall of 2018 – stay tuned for more details on our grand opening.