Cleveland Randolph Groundwater Study

Many property owners in the area near Cleveland and Randolph Avenues in St. Paul routinely experience high groundwater issues resulting in reports of wet basements, constantly running sump pumps, property damage, and street and utility damage.

In 2009, CRWD and the City of St. Paul began a study to better understand the scope of high groundwater levels and identify areas unsuitable for infiltration. In the study area, information was collected regarding soil types, and 12 groundwater monitoring wells were installed to measure the depth to groundwater. Although it was beyond the study scope to diagnose individual property issues, a resident survey within the study area shows most of the reported wet basements are located above the water table.

Future development projects will be evaluated based on individual site characteristics, but 2010 study results give CRWD a general understanding of hydrogeologic conditions and best groundwater management approaches. The District used the study results to determine where infiltration is acceptable and, when infiltration is used, to ensure water level problems are not created or exacerbated.

CRGS Final Figures
Final Narrative 2-28-11