Parkview Construction Updates


A popular sledding hill in Roseville is being transformed into a large clean water project to benefit Lake McCarrons. Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD) and its partners are installing a system at Parkview Center School that will collect and filter polluted rainwater from nearby roads and parking lots. The system consists of 10-foot diameter underground pipes that can capture runoff from the 46 acres upstream of the project site. The polluted water is then treated by an underground filtration system.  Water is cleaned as it moves through the filters, removing pollutants before it returns to the storm sewer and eventually Villa Park wetlands and Lake McCarrons. Learn more about the Parkview Center School Clean Water Project.

Supported in part by Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources’ Targeted Watershed Program (TWP) funded by the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment.

Project Timeline

Fall 2018 – Soil from Roseville Senior High School construction was added to the site and allowed to settle for a year to provide the compaction necessary to support the future system.

October 2019 – Excavation of soil began.

November 2019 – A series of 10-foot diameter pipes were installed, followed by the filtration chamber.

December 2019 – Soil returned to reconstruct hill.

Spring 2020 – System connected storm sewer system at County Road B, eventually draining to Villa Park and Lake McCarrons.

December 2020 – Sledding resumed.


Learn More at Parkview Center School Project Page