Watershed Artist in Residence

In 2010, the Board of Managers engaged the services of Public Art Saint Paul and Christine Baeumler as CRWD’S Watershed Artist in Residence.  This collaboration resulted in the development of the Watershed Language of Art report and identified opportunities for public art in CRWD’s Green Line Project.

Baeumler continues to consult on projects and programs of the District and offer ways that art can help us communicate our mission to protect, manage and improve our water resources. Baeumler offers ideas and recommendations to the District on incorporating themes identified in the Watershed Language of Art report and listed below:

• Making invisible systems visible and/or audible
• Creating features that inspire implementation of new water features
• Recognizing historic waters, pathways and cultural connections
• Translating data into comprehensible and aesthetic experiences
• Creating an aesthetic interface between the natural and built environment
• Creating innovative Best Management Practices

As Resident Artist, Baeumler has been instrumental in the development of the on-site art at our new building, including the water wildlife sidewalk stamps and exploration game, Mississippi River watershed iron pour, a moving sculpture using Trout Brook Interceptor monitoring data, an etched glass privacy wall with designs from a commissioned painting and the pocket park interactive display.

Baeumler is an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts. She holds a B.A. from Yale University and an M.F.A. from Indiana University. She has been awarded fellowship and support from Bush Foundation, McKnight Artist Fellowship, Minnesota State Arts Board along with other grants and commissions.