Loeb Lake

Loeb Lake is a nine-acre lake with an average depth of 9 feet and maximum depth of 28 feet. It is located in Marydale Park, at the intersection of Maryland Avenue and Dale Street in Saint Paul. Recreational opportunities available in the park include fishing, walking and picnicking. Loeb Lake is stocked with fish and designated as a state “Fishing in the Neighborhood” lake. The most common species found in the lake are black bullhead and bluegill. Water quality in Loeb Lake is monitored by Ramsey County.

Water quality in Loeb Lake is generally very good given its location in a highly urbanized subwatershed. While nutrients are relatively low to moderate year-round, it is a pollutant of concern. A recent study indicates the major source of nutrient loading to the lake is from the watershed and internal nutrient loading is minor compared to the watershed load.

Management Plan
In 2009, CRWD completed and adopted the Loeb Lake and Willow Reserve Management Plan which defines the critical water-related issues of Loeb Lake (already stated above) and recommends management goals and implementation activities to address these issues. Management goals and implementation activities for Willow Reserve, a wetland and wildlife preserve located just northeast of Loeb Lake, are also considered in the management plan. Click here to read the Loeb Lake and Willow Reserve Management plan.

CRWD Efforts
In 2009, CRWD began implementation of the Loeb Lake and Willow Reserve Management Plan to preserve and improve the ecological integrity of Loeb Lake and Willow Reserve.