CRWD's COVID-19 Response 

Welcome to the New CRWD Website

For many years, CRWD’s website has been an important source for public information about our watershed. Now, as we enter our 20th year, we are thrilled to share our updated website, with even more inspirational detail for District residents, organizations and partners who want to help protect our water resources.

Among the new features on our website:

    • <li”>Online grant and permit applications

<li”>Interactive District maps

<li”>An archive of all past CRWD reports, research studies and guidance documents

<li”>A new blog, Capitol Currents

<li”>Video and infographic content explaining the District’s work

<li”>Updated project stories and visual resources

<li”>An interactive timeline of CRWD milestones

With our new website, the District hopes to become an even more prominent resource for people seeking information about watershed health and the steps they can take to improve it.

Have a question or comment about the new website? Contact CRWD and tell us what you think.