Adopt-A-Drain To Help Clean Water

Everything that’s in the street ends up in our lakes and the Mississippi River. Rainwater carries leaves, grass, excess salt, trash and dirt through the storm drain system directly to our waters.

You can help!

Sign up to adopt a drain in your neighborhood – it’s easy! Go to, enter your address and choose a drain near your house. More than 150 CRWD residents are already signed up!

Once you’ve adopted your drain, keep it clean by sweeping and raking up the debris after each rain or during leaf fall.

We also ask you to post a sign to let your neighbors know you’re protecting clean water. We’ll also send a list of other things you and your neighbors can do in your yards to help lakes and river.

Adopt-a-Drain is cosponsored by CRWD, Hamline University and City of Saint Paul Public Works.
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