Stop the Rain Drain

This summer CRWD staff will be on the lookout for simple gutter elbow redirection projects in neighborhood alleys across our watershed. With permission, we’ll make these redirections for free.

Why are we doing this?
Because when it rains, it drains. Rainwater from roofs and gutters drains from streets and alleys into storm drains. This rainwater picks up street pollution like dirt, oil and trash along the way and is not treated before it enters lakes and the Mississippi River.

How will redirecting my downspout help?
Redirecting your downspout onto a lawn or garden area allows rainwater to soak into the ground which prevents water pollution and recharges our groundwater.

If my garage isn’t selected this year, what can I do?
If you’d like to do redirection work yourself, you can apply to CRWD for reimbursement. Remember, Stop the Rain Drain’s goal is to reduce polluted runoff entering our lakes and the Mississippi River, so reimbursement is only available for gutter projects that direct or redirect stormwater running onto streets, alleys and sidewalks onto lawn or garden areas where it can instead soak into the ground. For reimbursement forms and information, click here. $150.00 maximum reimbursement.

What else can I do?
Check out our Residents page for even more ways to “stop the rain drain” and make lakes and the Mississippi River cleaner or visit!