Technical Assistance

Want to make your yard as watershed friendly as possible, have an erosion or flooding problem on your property, or planning to redevelop your property and need a CRWD permit? CRWD staff are available to provide District residents, business owners and municipalities technical advice related to water resource improvement. For example, CRWD partners with the Ramsey Conservation District to assist residents with rain garden design and installation. See the Stewardship Grant page for more information on rain garden assistance.

Do you have an abandoned or unused well on your property? CRWD has funds available to assist well owners with sealing abandoned, unused, and unsealed wells used for water supply. Visit our Abandoned Well Sealing Grants page for more information.

Are you a homeowner of lakefront property? CRWD provides technical assistance and if available, cost-share funding for the restoration of lakeshores through the Ramsey Conservation District (RCD). If you are interested in learning more, contact Joe Lochner of RCD at (651) 266-7273.

CRWD can also guide you to other sources of information on capturing and treating stormwater runoff using green roofs, pervious pavements and other BMPs. Visit our Contact Info page to speak with CRWD staff.

You can also visit CRWD’S education page for more ways on how you can help protect local water resources.